M. H. Curry biography

DEACON M. H. CURRY was treasurer of the Waco Association from September, 1878, till September, 1883, and was one of the vice presidents of the Mission Board from September, 1885, till September, 1890. He was truly one of the “old guard” of the Association. After his church went into Falls County Association, he was an active worker till his death, which occurred at his home in Marlin, Texas, September 21, 1895. He was born in Sumpter [Sumter] county, Ala., January 21, 1835. Was married to Miss Julia A. Logan, who knew how to fill the delicate position of deacon’s wife. In 1865 Brother Curry came to Falls county, Texas, from Mississippi, to which state he had previously moved. Marlin county owes much of her development to Deacon Curry. For more than twenty years he was superintendent of Marlin Sunday school.

Source: J. L. Walker and C. P. Lumpkin, History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas (Waco: Byrne-Hill Printing House, 1897), pp. 286-287.