Tobitha Dunn biography

MRS. TOBITHA DUNN before her marriage was Miss Tobitha Ingram, who was born ten miles west of Denison and is a daughter of Clark Alexander and Martha (Scannon) Ingram, both of whom were natives of Ohio. They were married in that state and soon afterward came to Texas, Mrs. Ingram being at that time but fifteen years of age. They settled ten miles west of Denison, where Mr. Ingram took up a tract of government land of one hundred and sixty acres and there he devoted his time and energies to general agricultural pursuits until his demise. He was one of the early settlers of what is now called Preston Bend, near the Red river, and on the land of which he was formerly the owner oil has been found and wells are being bored by a syndicate of Denison capitalists. Mr. Ingram died at the age of forty-seven years, while his wife passed away at the age of fifty-nine years. In their family were twelve children, three sons and nine daughters, of whom six are now living, as follows: Ellen, the wife of James Arnold; Sarah, the wife of Anthony Malcom; Kate, who married Albert Abbie; Tobitha, who is now Mrs. Dunn; and Ida, the wife of William Farley. The father served as a soldier of the Confederate army, enlisting with the troops from Tennessee.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Dunn were born three children: Harry, Nora and Mabel, all natives of Denison. Mrs. Dunn removed with their children to the farm and began the improvement of the place, which is located five miles south of Denison and half a mile east of the Woodlake interurban station. Some of the land is black soil, some a light sandy loam, some red sandy loam and other portions a mixed soil. The farm is splendidly adapted for the production of fruits, berries, vegetable products and all kinds of farm crops and she now has an excellent orchard of mixed fruits of five acres. She has recently erected an attractive residence on this place and has a number of tenant houses. Gas has been found on the property within eighteen feet of the surface and oil has been found in small quantities within twenty-one feet of the surface. Mrs. Dunn has demonstrated her ability in a business way and deserves great credit for what she has accomplished, having brought her present property up to a high state of cultivation. Some of the finest vegetables and melons of the locality are produced on her farm and in the management of her property she displays excellent discernment and keen business enterprise that have won her the admiration and respect of all who know her.

Source: B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. I, p. 568.