Wash. Kennedy biography

Farmer and stock raiser, section 28, was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, November 22, 1821. He lived in Bourbon County until 1857, when he moved to Jackson County, Missouri, and located on the farm which he now occupies in Van Buren Township. He was married June 15, 1858, to Sarah Amos, on Jackson County, Missouri, but who was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, May 13, 1842. Eleven children have been born, all of whom are living at home, and named as follows: Granville A., born October 19, 1859; Jesse F., June 28, 1861; Mary W., April 21, 1863; Julia W., December 24, 1864; Joseph, October 28, 1868; John S., February 21, 1869; James E., January 21, 1871; Martha C., December 20, 1872; Lulu B., December 14, 1874; Edna P., March 5, 1877; Ida G., May 7, 1880. There has never been a death in this family, and all are in excellent health. Mr. Kennedy spares no pains to give his children good educations. His son, Jesse F., is a member of the William Jewell College, in Clay County, and his daughter, Mary, is a member of the Female Seminary, at Independence. Mr. Kennedy had but little means when he started out in life in Missouri, and what he has accumulated when the Civil War broke out, was all either confiscated or destroyed, and at the close of the War he had to begin life almost anew. But he now has a very fine farm of 240 acres, and well stocked with some of the finest blooded stock in this part of the country. He makes a specialty of fine stock breeding. During the War he was terribly persecuted by both parties; his life was threatened, and even attempts were made to shoot him, yet he has survived all these hardships, and has again built up a beautiful home, where he and his family live quiet and peaceful lives, honored and respected by all with whom they are acquainted.

Source: [Anonymous], The History of Jackson County, Missouri (Kansas City: Union Historical Co., 1881), p. 937.