William Rufus Westbrook biography

WILLIAM RUFUS WESTBROOK, President of the Cedar Bluff Bank, was born June 30, 1871, the son of Marcus Ellington and Mary Eliza (Hood) Westbrook; grandson of Joseph and Louisa (Warren) Westbrook. His father was a member of the 19th Alabama, and served four years in the War Between the States, being wounded three times. He returned to Spring Garden after the war. He died in 1911. Mrs. Westbrook was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, August 31, 1844. She died at Gaylesville, August 3, 1927. Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook had ten children.

W. R. Westbrook attended Gaylesville High School. He farmed until 1905 when he moved to Cedar Bluff and clerked for Burnett Bros. In 1907 he organized the Cedar Bluff Bank. In 1922 he became president.

In 1918 Mr. Westbrook married Shirley Henderson Bell, daughter of George W. R. and Tabitha (Henderson) Bell.

He was a member of the board in 1924.

Source: Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart, Cherokee County [Alabama] History, 1836—1956, Volume 2 (Centre, Alabama, 1959), p. 347. Reprinted with permission.